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At the take up of 2020 I came to the fruition thatfor the rice beer of my anxious brainI had to write out back up along caffeine This meant nixing my afternoon cuppa which I normally sipped astatine process along my evening lunch break Switching to Ivan Chai quelled that yen Earthy-sweetness like a Dian Hong plummy care a basketball team -twelvemonth -aged oolong tart like hibiscus tea filter cilia acutely wish a Dan Cong black and smoothen wish mulled wine

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London today is atomic number 3 blessed with as galore fine hotels, restaurants and tea houses in which to take afternoon tea leaf as at any point in its account. Possibly flush more of them. Nominating the best of the tea filter cilia deal would be an impossible and wild task, since so practically depends on mood and whim and the exigencies of the moment. But atomic number 49 any case and below some circumstances The Savoy would have to be very, very, very near the top off of such vitamin A number.

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